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$199 for Single Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting

$399 for 3 Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting

$499 for 7 Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting

$699 for WordPress Website / Blog + 1 year Domain & Hosting


Custom Made Website Starting at $199

E-commerce Shopping Cart Website Starting at $1,999 + 1 year Domain &
1 month VPS Server


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Basic Plan Starting at $299 per month


Mobile App Development – Mobile Application CMS Development for $899


Static or Ecommerce Sites

Domain Names & Hosting

SEO & Maintenance

7 Day Turnaround on Static sites

No Long Term Commitments

Personalized Service

*** Free Estimates & Consultation ***

Our commitment to our customers is to keep GM Web Designz fast, simple and above all affordable and in doing so we offer you different options to build a website. Starting as Low as $199 for Single Page website or a 3 page custom built website for only $399 and for a 7 page custom built website for only $499. Any additional pages needed to either of these Special Offers are $99 per page. With our plans we include at no additional cost to you the purchase and registration of Domain Name and a Host for one year. Our hosting includes 10GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, your own dedicated e-mail, 10 My SQL databases and 24/7 technical support.

We can also offer you our signature and most popular $99 starting option which allows you to custom build your site exactly to your own specifications which is best suited for E-commerce sites. We charge you $99 per page for the first three pages then we discount subsequent pages by 50% down to $49.50 per page. There are no limits and you can have as many or as few pages as you like. With this offer we have 3 levels of Hosting to choose from starting from as low as $69 per year. Then add whatever else you’ll need such as a Maintenance Plan, SEO Booster Plan, SSL Security, Analytics, a Blog Page, a Shopping Cart, a Merchant Account, etc. depending on whether you are creating a Static or E-commerce website and depending on how fancy or how simple you want your website to be.

We can also offer you a 3 page Content Management Systems (CMS) / WordPress built website or Blog for $699. This type of site allows you to publish, edit, modify, maintain or expand the website on your own. Included in our price we provide you with the intructions on how to manage the site on your own. We also can incorporate a WordPress / Blog page within a Static or E-commerce site for $499.

We do require a 50% deposit before we begin work and the balance paid in full upon completion before we release a website to you. We also guarantee that we will have your Static website built and ready for your approval within 7 business days.

Before moving forward and taking the next step here is something to think about. There are hundreds of web design companies available so why choose GMWebDesignz? A website is a very visual medium similar to a TV commercial or a magazine ad so the quality of our work can easily be judged by what you see. You either like the looks we can offer you or you don’t. But what about all the extras and all the peripherals that you don’t see and that make any website function as it should? This often is even more important, so the question is, are our websites reliable? That is why we are partners with GM Web Hostingz (A Go Daddy Group Company) who is by far the best in the business and one of the biggest in the world. In building our websites we only contract with GM Web Hostingz and no one else so everything and anything we add on as we build your site has their stamp of approval and can be trusted. We register Domain Names with GM Web Hostingz and purchase our Hosting, SSL, Shopping Carts, SEO tools, including our 24/7/365 technical support and everything else. So when you hire us to build your website you will have the confidence to know that from anywhere in the world GM Web Hostingz is just a phone call away.

Finally we realize that to someone not familiar with building a website trying to figure out what is needed might get confusing so allow us to help. Below we try to list and simplify things so that you understand and therefore pay for only what you need. And remember we are always available to assist you and answer your questions either through our Contact Us link or by telephone.

Please note that all add-on pricing is based on third party vendors

And is subject to change by them to us without notice

However once we give you a final job quote that price will be respected for at least 30 days


*** Starting as Low as $199 for Single Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting or different options as below

$399  Special

$499 Special

$99 per page

$799 WordPress / Blog

  • Includes 3 page
    Static Website
  • Domain Name
  • 10 GB Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated e-mail

  • Includes up to a 7 page
    Static Website
  • Domain Name
  • 10 GB Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated e-mail

  • Custom built for
    eCommerce or Static
  • $99 @ for
    1st 3 pages
  • $49.50 @ for
    additional pages
  • All add-ons are extra
  • Refer to pricing below for details

  • Includes 3 page
    CMS built site
  • Instructions on how to self manage site
  • Domain Name
  • 10 GB Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated e-mail

Every website must have a Domain Name and a Host otherwise it cannot exist on its own. These must be paid for yearly and are paid to an outside 3rd party company and NOT TO US. Many choose to register a Domain name and secure a Host on their own mainly for privacy reasons. Registering a Domain is very simple and can be done through any company but when it comes to Hosting be careful before you commit. We have the expertise and the connections and work with a Host that is reputable and reliable that can offer you proper support for any peripherals you chose to add to your site and also give you dependable 24/7 tech support which is most important. So although it is not mandatory we do recommend that you obtain hosting through us. And to save you money in most cases we recommend taking the cheaper $69 Economy Plan. Unless you have a giant website with over 10GB of data or you have an E Commerce site that handles enormous amounts of both domestic and international traffic on a regular basis you really don’t need the Deluxe or Ultimate plans.

DOMAIN NAME – $16.99 per year

  • $16.99 to register and buy your .com name for one year
  • There are other names available but they have specific uses and may cost more
  • Other names available for $9.99 are; .net .org .info .us .biz and .uk
  • Other higher price options are; .me .mobi .ca .tv .ws .in .bz .xxx and many more


ECONOMY – $69 per year

DELUXE – $99 per year

ULTIMATE – $189 per year

  • 10GB space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 e-mails accounts
  • 10 My SQL Databases

  • 150GB space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Websites
  • 500 e-mails accounts
  • 25 My SQL Databases

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Websites
  • 1000 e-mail accounts
  • Unlimited My SQL Databases


Other than a Domain Name, a Host and the construction of web pages to tell the world who you are and what you do and how to find you that is all that is needed to have an attractive and professional Static website. We do not twist your arm and force you to buy anything extra that you don’t need.

We do recommend however that you sign up for our Website & SEO maintenance plan but you are not obliged to do so if you don’t want to.

Many will also tell you that you need SSL on a website, but if you are not collecting personal data and information from others on your website then there is nothing that legally you must protect, so why spend the money.

We do however highly recommend Website Analytics. It is a very inexpensive luxury to have that gives you a lot of information and insight about those who visit your website, where they come from, when they visited and how they found you.

If you have a Static site and are not selling products or services directly Online then you do not need to install a Shopping Cart or a Merchant Account.

WORDPRESS / BLOG – one time charge of $699

  • Our websites are built using HTML & PHP but we also offer more User Friendly options for Bloggers
  • 3 page site built using Content Management Systems such as WordPress wich allows you the website owner to publish, edit, modify, expand and maintain your website on your own.
  • Including in this price are “How To Instructions” so that your website or Blog is completely under your control and you are 100% indendent of us.


  • Add a WordPress / Blog page inside your static or E-commerce website for $499
  • This will create a bulletin board effect where you can post messages or photos for your patrons or in reverse make it possible for them to  post and communicate with you
  • “How To Instructions” are provided to give you complete control of this page

WEBSITE & SEO MAINTENANCE – $299 per month or $30 per hour

  • Our plan gives you 1½ hrs of our time per month every month for 1 year where we update your SEO or make requested changes on the website
  • This is most useful with E-commerce Sites when products being sold are often added or removed
  • Without this contract our charge is $30 per hour with a one hour minimum

SEO BASIC PLAN – $299 per month

  • Reviews text on website to ensure proper use of Keywords
  • Provides Keyword suggestions to help boost & improve SE rankings
  • Includes reports and checklists to track SEO progress & rankings 

Click here for more information about our SEO service plans

Standard SSL (SECURE SOCKETS LAYER) – $49.99 per year

  • SSL encrypts all data transferred between servers & browsers
  • In our opinion SSL is most necessary to protect any personal data or information you collect Online and store from your customers
  • Legally it is a wise option to consider

WEBSITE ANALYTICS – $25 one time setup fee

  • In order to learn more about those who visit your website we will connect you with one of the largest Internet companies
  • where you can monitor traffic to your website and learn who and when and from where visitors come to your website.
  • This is not just a counter but an actual analysis program to help you study visitors to your website and see what is working for you and what is not.
  • This is a onetime only set up fee and will actually monitor as many website as you have.


Starting at $1,999 + 1 year Domain & 1 month VPS Server

  • Both are necessary with E-commerce websites in order to sell products or services Online
  • The Shopping Cart is where your customers select and gather up what they want to purchase
  • The Merchant Account is the instrument where money is collected and transferred to you
  • There are many types of Shopping Carts & Merchant Accounts available at varying prices
  • The type you will need depends on the type of products & the quantity of products that you sell
  • and also if they are sold domestically or internationally
  • The Shopping Cart installation fee varies depending on how much product you offer on your website
  • as each item being sold must be listed & coded individually
  • Exact cost can only be determined once we know more about the products you plan to sell


  • There are many type of downloads from 3rd parties such as images, videos, music, maps, PDF’s, etc
  • Prices vary depending on size, the type and the source of the download but start at $20 each


  • Personalized Photography either on location or in studio is available
  • Price to be determined depending on what is required


  • Prior to starting repairs on a site built by someone else or updating an already existing website we require a $150 deposit
  • In addition to this $150 deposit we charge $25 per hour for work done
  • If new pages are required our standard price of $99 per page for the 1st 3 pages applies
  • We also charge for any specific software that we are require to buy to complete the repair


  • In our effort to try and save you money may we remind you that whether you are setting up a new business or are already a business owner 100% of the cost of building and maintaining a website ia a legal deduction and can be claimed on your Income Tax.