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$199 for Single Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting

$399 for 3 Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting

$499 for 7 Page Website + 1 year Domain & Hosting

$699 for WordPress Website / Blog + 1 year Domain & Hosting


Custom Made Website Starting at $199

E-commerce Shopping Cart Website Starting at $1,999 + 1 year Domain &
1 month VPS Server


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Basic Plan Starting at $299 per month

Mobile App Development – Mobile Application CMS Development for $899


Static or Ecommerce Sites

Domain Names & Hosting

SEO & Maintenance

7 Day Turnaround on Static sites

No Long Term Commitments

Personalized Service

*** Free Estimates & Consultation ***


Many people think that getting a website built and placed on the Internet is a long and involved undertaking but it doesn’t need to take forever to get your website built and activated Online.

In fact to the contrary GM Web Designz makes the process fast, simple and affordable. Once you have made the decision that you need a website we can have you going and Online literally within days. Just give us some ideas of what you want your site to look like, what you want to say and a small deposit so we know we are not working for nothing and we will roll up our sleeves and get to work.

After we are given the green light we guarantee that with Static sites you will have your own custom made website built and ready for your appraisal within 7 business days.

If not ready in time you do not pay for the design and development costs. E-commerce sites may be an exception as they are more complex and can take longer.



There are so many different kinds of websites today, so many options and possibilities, so many web designers that offer so many different packages and price ranges that in the end your head will spin.

We instead try to work with you and make it simple. Tell us what you want and we give you what you want, an uncomplicated clean design that gets your company name and message out there and you won’t need a master’s degree to understand it or to manage it.

In most cases a simple 2 or 3 page website is all you need to get started so why complicate matters with a massive, elaborate and expensive website.

We believe in making the process simple. Then in a year or so once you’ve had time to reevaluate your needs based on experience you can make changes to your website as you see fit.


We know that as a new or small business your marketing budget is limited and you’d rather spend your profits elsewhere like maybe taking a vacation so we offer you four very affordable options.

Starting as Low as $199 for Single Page Website or a 3 page site for $399 and up to a 7 page site for $499 complete and functioning Online. This includes both Domain & Hosting for one year.

The other our option is to custom build a site for you starting at $99 each for the first 3 pages then discounting subsequent pages by 50%. Unlike with other web designers who sell you what they want to sell you with us under this Plan you are free to get only what you need and spend only what you can afford. But we do also make available all the bells and whistles to make your website as flashy or as sophisticated as you want. We also offer regular maintenance and tools to help with Search Engine marketing, but we don’t force it on you.

And finally option is to build you a CMS site (Content Management Systems) for $799 and set you free to take control of it as you will.

Regardless of which you choose our policy is to give you affordable websites that do the job and don’t put you in the poor house.