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  • GM Web Designz will help you with your website every step of the way from the planning to it’s launch by offering you free consultations and estimates either by e-mail or by telephone or in person.
  • The first step is to consider what you need and how much money you want to spend but always keeping in mind that this expense is a 100% deduction on your Income Tax. Starting as Low as $199 for Single Page Website or we offer a 3 page Static functioning website for only $399 or up to 7 page site for only $499, additional pages are $99 each. We can also custom build a website for you starting at $99 a page exactly the way you want it and then add whatever extras you’d like. We can also provide you with a CMS / WordPress site or Blog for $799.
  • The next step is to select one of our Sample Web Designs that best suits the look and feel you want for your business and we will customize it to give it the look you want and to fit your individual needs.
  • Once you are ready Contact Us either via our link or by telephone. Tell us what you want to say and what you want included on your website, for example any text, photos, logos or whatever else that is important so that we have a meeting of the minds and we understand your concept and how you want your site to appear Online.
  • To get started we do require a 50% deposit. Unfortunately because of past experiences we no longer start working on websites without a deposit.
  • From that point forward we roll up our sleeves and get to work and guarantee that within 7 business days you will have a finished draft for a Static website or the web design and development charges are free. Yes FREE! However E Commerce Sites can take longer.
  • Next you review the site for any errors that need correcting or if you’d like minor changes made. These are done free of charge until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Once you give us the green light and pay us the remaining balance owed we will activate and launch your website onto the World Wide Web and continue to monitor it until we are sure it is functioning properly. We will not leave you hanging.
  • Finally we want you to know that whether you have contracted with us for Website & SEO Maintenance (which we recommend) or not GM Web Designz will be available to make any changes you require or to tweak your site to make it more Search Engine Friendly.



At GM WebDesignz we build both Static websites, those comprised mainly of text and images geared more as an advertising tool, and E-commerce websites, those intended to sell products Online and receive payment instantly from anywhere in the world. Once you know which type of website you want built it is important to understand all the pieces needed to make a successful website and to make sure they fit and even more important is to know that GM WebDesignz will help put these pieces together for you.

A Domain Name, like in our case, must first be registered and purchased before it can be legally used. Remember a name can make you or break you depending on how it is ranked on the web so it is important to chose well. And by the way there are not only .com names but also .org .net .info and many others. Because of privacy issues many prefer to obtain a Domain Name on their own but we can also do it for you.

The Host, in simple terms is like a giant computer that rents you space in order to store and make your website accessible to the world. We are not a Hosting Company but we contract with one of the largest in the world and for a small monthly charge we offer you this service by adding you to our account. Depending on the size and functionality of your website we offer three different levels of Hosting to insure you unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Just like with a Domain Name this is something you can contract with yourself or we can do it for you.

Web Page Design is how you present your company or business to the world so it needs to be eye catching, clear of clutter and confusion, pleasant to the senses, error free  and easy to follow. In our Sample Themes tab we offer many sample webpage designs for you to choose from that we will customize to fit your needs. These are meant to help you get started only and can be changed however you like to fit any type of businessor service.

The Content are the words and images you use to describe your company and your product and how you convince others to buy or use whatever it is that you have to offer. It’s important to give as much detail as possible while keeping it simple, clear and easy to understand. In the process of building your website we will help by making suggestions and offering alternatives.

Communication Tools you include on your site make it possible for your customers to communicate and get a hold of you and to do business with you. Make it easy to be reached with the use of E-mails, telephones, live chat, inserting PDF files, a Blog Page or a map to help customer find you. Even add some character to your website with the use of photos, videos, display your logo or even include customer testimonials.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Search Engines are like invisible robots or spiders that crawl beneath the surface picking up key words and phrases emanating from your website and using them to connect to others forming links or webs, hence the phrase World Wide Web. You can have the greatest looking website but if no one know it exists it is useless so making sure your website is Search Engine Friendly is a key piece to the puzzle of being noticed and to your success.


Unlike many other web design companies we are able to offer you professional photography services. Everyone has the ability to go Online and download stock photos, that is what every other company offers and so do we. But what if you want something personal, like a photo of the exterior or interior of your business, or your products, or a local landmark, or your staff or yourself we can do it for you.

At GM Web Designz you don’t have to hire a third party photographer because we have our own professionally equipped photographer with many years experience on our staff along with a well equipped studio. We can give your site a personal and unique touch. We are located in the Los Angeles, California area so unfortunately this service is restricted to our immediate area. Prices for this service will of course vary and be determined by each individual assignment.


We prefer to build new websites rather than work on ones already built by others because often trying to fix a problem caused by someone else is more complicated and takes much more time and there usually is a good reason why repairs are needed. In fact often what was used in the original contruction is now outdated.

However following a free consultation we will consider repairing websites depending on what needs to be done and on how the site was originally built. Our starting cost for repairs is $150 in addition to $25 per hour. If new pages are required our standard starting price of $99 per page applies with a 50% discount after the third page. In addition we charge for any software we would need to buy to complete the repair.